Posted by: Geoff | August 4, 2014

Picnic in the Happy Valley


Despite the cool blustery weather yesterday, the Happy Valley was still a good place to eat and drink.



  1. A favourite place. You can just see the wind turbines out at sea.
    (love little Tilly on fb)

  2. Cool! Is that like a mini Stonehenge? 😉

    • The stones were placed there in 1962 for the following years National Eisteddfod!

  3. That super green grass certainly looks inviting!

  4. Nothing will dampen our picnic spirit. Good for them and why not use the altar stone for a table!

  5. I do love Happy Valley, but I think with cold and blustery weather I’d have a picnic in my kitchen! It was hot here yesterday and very humid. But then Ocala does not have a Happy Valley or a view like you show here!

  6. Nice to see people enjoying the outdoors in spite of the weather.

  7. A picnic with Queen Victoria ( the statue ) how fitting!! You can never take the “happy” out of happy valley, no matter how the weather is.. 🙂

  8. Looks like that group has picked a good spot for a picnic.

  9. It looks lke it could rain at any moment!

  10. As long as it isn’t pouring with rain, I’m game!

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