Posted by: Geoff | July 28, 2014

Path to the sea


This sandy path on the West Shore leads you straight out to the cool, blue sea.



  1. I wouldn’t mind a path like that in my garden. There’s the blue sky again Terry.

  2. Beautiful! Wish I could be there.

  3. Its fantastic Christine!! I also like the parting of the grass that leads to the lovely cool dip in the sea. I’m counting down the days till my visit next year..already booked up.. 🙂

  4. In my dreams. Just a cool,blue sea – and me!

  5. Simple composition yet powerful!

  6. This scene is not unlike what you might see on the east coast of Florida…a nicely-composed shot. The sea is always magnificent, even when scary.

  7. Beautiful photo. Makes me want to be near the water.

  8. Wonderful!

  9. Oh my goodness, that’s simply heaven. Just returned from Brittany, didn’t even make it to the sea this time due to my still problematic legs, but your photo is a lovely compensation!

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