Posted by: Geoff | July 25, 2014

View from Deganwy


Looking towards Conwy Mountain from the Deganwy Castle Hotel, which is currently being redeveloped.

Hope you have a sunny weekend!


  1. Spectacular view .I like the stretch of green in the centre of the photo.and yes that blue sky of course…have a good week end all !!. 🙂

  2. This is PARADISE!

  3. Lovely shot over the rooftops!

  4. You do tempt us with these lovely empty shorelines. And to think I’m spending the afternoon with the ironing board. Still,am there in spirit….

  5. are they going to build on that pretty green land across the bay?

  6. Beautiful view on a sunny day!

  7. Wouldn’t mind a house with a view like that.

    • It was taken from a penthouse apartment that will be available to buy very soon, Christine. Get your chequebook ready!

      • Geoff, if only. ah well.

  8. A room with a great view!

  9. A nice sunny day and I love all the white houses. Beautiful photograph!

  10. A really nice view!

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