Posted by: Geoff | July 24, 2014

Twilight on the West Shore

West Shore Llandudno Twilight (Large)

Figures in the sea at the end of another hot day, complete with very excited dog.



  1. Dog days are here!

  2. That looks cooool in more ways than one..its sweltering hot for sure. I should imagine the beach was cram packed this week..very happy days.. 🙂

  3. Indeed a very happy dog

  4. Could do with a paddle in the sea right now. Phew!!

  5. In the cool calm of a summer evening. Will join you for a paddle Christine.

    • Next year then Barbara. 🙂

      • Yes!

  6. Most dogs love water and that makes it so much fun to take them there. 🙂

  7. That dog is truly have a good time.

  8. happy dog!!

  9. There is nothing like taking a dog to the beach to lift your spirits!

  10. looks a tad hazy there

  11. Another beautiful summer day! The dog definitely looks like he’s enjoying the water. I guess the water is a bit cold for people?

  12. That looks beautiful and calm.

  13. I just love this.

  14. A sight for sore eyes. Our daughter in Colorado has a young Golden who loves the water…this dog, in profile, looks like a Golden Retriever.

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