Posted by: Geoff | July 17, 2014

Paul’s bench


A new memorial bench was installed at the top of Hill Terrace earlier this month, in memory of Paul Smith, proprietor of the Orme Court Hotel.

Above is the view from the bench and below is the inscription on the bench.




  1. Only 53 years old, how very sad.nice to see his memory and sentiment on the plaque..there’s a lovely view from that bench…
    R.I.P Mr Paul Smith….

  2. This holds a sadness for me as my father was called Paul and died at the same age. I hope many people will enjoy sitting here.

  3. So beautiful yet so sad.

  4. oh that is sad, he was pretty young…

  5. I think that’s a wonderful tribute.

  6. That’s a really nice way to remember someone. Nice sentiment.

  7. So young! A lovely tribute to him.

  8. Welll that’s rather nice for eternity. It is very young…

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