Posted by: Geoff | July 16, 2014

View of Llandudno


A view of the town, from the south-east side of the Great Orme, with the North Shore to the left and the West Shore to the right.



  1. This shot i am familiar with!! love this layout especially at night when its all lit up…the Moyston family knew what they were doin when they put this town together… 🙂

    • Zoom in and you can see our cottage and car 😉

  2. I’m a big fan of aerial shots, well done

  3. The town between the waters! Interesting shot. Might not make it to the shop this time Geoff but are back in September.

    • I’m in Manchester all day and overnight tomorrow, Barbara. Weather permitting, I’ll be back on the pier Friday afternoon! Hope you have enjoyed your visit.

      • Certainly have!

  4. Another great shot to study for a long time. I love how some buildings just pop out at you when you look at them all together. I love this one too!

  5. oh my, like a little lego-land!

  6. This is a great view, Geoff!

  7. I love views from above!

  8. Marvellous. I’m continuing my flight!

  9. What a lovely view from the hilltop!

  10. It’s gorgeous.

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