Posted by: Geoff | July 8, 2014

Brown beard


This particular goat looks like it’s been grazing in the area of the Great Orme that was on fire earlier in the year.

Here is a view of the damage that was left after the blaze, taken from near where the above shot was taken.


  1. Bet he’s thinking ” where’s all the grass gone ?? “. I remember that fire..should imagine it would soon flourish agen..

  2. I remember that fire. He seems none the worse for it…

  3. aw he’s cute…and everything is growing back nicely!

  4. Poor little guy. He looks lonely!

  5. He does look like he could do with a washing up.

  6. It will be interesting to watch the regeneration that takes place in the area.

  7. I like the stripes of colour in this photo. Seems like the goat might find more to forage in the green than in the grey.

  8. Not much there for you little chap but I can see tufts of green in the brown. Nature is ever generous.

  9. Lovely composition!

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