Posted by: Geoff | July 2, 2014

No vacancies


It appears that this particular goat had no luck trying to get a room at the Lighthouse B&B, seen in the background, earlier this morning…



  1. Ouch. It’ll just have to sleep out in the open, under the stars… 😉

  2. Great Wall of Llandudno. 😉

  3. ah, poor guy!

  4. He’s probebly off to the “rest and be thankful” : cafe to contemplate plan B.. 🙂

    • Next best place Terry. 🙂

  5. The poor wanderer!

  6. Mite be up that way tmw christine. i’l look out for him!!!!!!. 🙂

    • Will be there next week, at long last. 🙂

  7. Have a great time Christine. Its been a smashing week so far…trouble is the week is going too fast…

    • Thanks Terry.

  8. No room for me! May as well crop the grass for them while I am here.

  9. Poor guy!

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