Posted by: Geoff | June 16, 2014

Through the trees

Little Orme from Happy Valley

A peep through the trees of the Happy Valley yesterday afternoon. In the distance, a boat heads towards the Little Orme.



  1. That’s a steep climb to that point and it keeps getting steeper! I love the view.

  2. lovely shot Geoff

  3. I can imagine a trip across those blue seas. You have captured the joy of a hazy summer’s day.

  4. How do you get so high up!! A very well captured sunny shot. That boat looks so inviting.. 🙂

  5. you peeper you!

  6. Are there any bad views in your city? 😉

  7. Another great view over the water!

  8. I will looka the tv show with that name soon. Nice scenery here.

  9. Another iconic photograph that captures well the beauty of your spot in the universe! Love that boat skimming the water in the distance. And, as you know, I love Happy Valley!

  10. So many different types of views in your area!

  11. It feels somehow tropical! 😉

  12. And I wish I could be on that boat!

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