Posted by: Geoff | May 29, 2014

Out at sea


Yesterday was cold, grey and a little damp… ideal weather for a stroll along the jetty!




  1. Its like that here.minus the jetty!!!. At least those people r making the most of thier holls. Hope the weather picks up soon 4 every one…..:-)

  2. definitely looks chilly

  3. Looks about the same here in Berlin. Minus the jetty, of course!

  4. It’s more or less like this here in London too 😦

  5. Are you being sarcastic? It doesn’t look like a good day for a stroll along the jetty to me! 🙂 In fact, part of the jetty looks like it’s fallen into the sea! Hope things warm up for you.

  6. i like those kind of days to walk the beach!

  7. Some people are out there pretty far. I’d be afraid of a wave sweeping me off.

  8. The buildings along the sea front are so elegant, lovely pastel shades.

  9. Welcome to the club of wonderful May weather! 🙂

  10. Christine is right. That glorious sweep of the bay as you drive over the Little Orme is a view that still fills me with excitement even as an OAP!

    • Same here about that view Barbara.

  11. Looks more like a day to be having tea and scones somewhere!

  12. Looks like they may have got their feet wet!

  13. This glimpse of Llandudno is so beautiful!

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