Posted by: Geoff | May 27, 2014

Bank Holiday Monday


The cloudy weather didn’t stop these people enjoying a boat ride out into the bay yesterday.



  1. Dont blame them folk gettin on with it. At least the boating experience will stay with them in their memory.. just bein at llandudno would put a smile on my face no matter what weather… 🙂

  2. Just the thing to blow the cobwebs away! There are even people paddling in this shot.Have the coffee ready for when Terry and I cruise back in.

  3. Lovely shot of people enjoying themselves. I would love to be ny the ocean right now!

  4. I love the shades of blue and gray, even if it is cloudy. 🙂

  5. I would have gladly joined them, cloudy or not. Looks cool, though, and everyone seems sort of bundled up. Lovely shot! Thanks for your comment on Ocala – very clever. I didn’t even think of “yellow brick road.”

  6. Wont be long now barbara.. 🙂

    • We are there on July 13th. Think you are there the week before?

  7. Lots of activity going on in your town recently.

  8. As long as it isn’t raining… The sky actually looks blue rather than cloudy to me!

  9. The sky doesn’t look too bad to me!

  10. it wouldn’t stop me either!

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