Posted by: Geoff | May 20, 2014

Low tide


A different view of the West Shore, taken at the end of one of the groynes yesterday morning.



  1. Not familier with the word groynes!! At 1st i thort it was the remains of someones sandcastle :-).
    By the way llandudno is on tv for an hr this coming sunday.on the “more 4″ channel 9pm.”how britain worked”.its a repeat but it shows how the pier and the tram way is maintained.
    Worth looking out for. 🙂

    • It’s a fascinating programme Terry and well worth another viewing. By the way, I revisited the West Shore at very low tide this morning… tomorrow’s post is well worth a look at 😉

  2. wow, very low!

  3. That’s very different. Is “groyne” the same as “groin”? Looks like a lot of rocks got washed up on shore. I like when you provide photos from varying points of view – helps to get a well-rounded sense of where you live.

  4. I’d say that is a rocky shore!

  5. Looks like a walk to the water wouldn’t be so comfortable here!

  6. I had to look up the word! A new one for me.

  7. No running bare-footed into the sea from here! Some interesting textures and a different take on West Shore.

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