Posted by: Geoff | May 19, 2014

Porsches on Llandudno Promenade


Just a few of the dozens of Porsches which arrived in Llandudno for the annual Porsches on the Prom event yesterday, organised by the Porsche Club GB North Wales branch.




  1. Not exactly what I’d expect here, but a nice sight! 🙂

  2. A very nice line up…hope security was on high alert!!.. id love Bugatti have an on the prom event, as the Veyron is my high end car of choice…nice daily photo tho..:-)

  3. I’m afraid mine is in for repair at the moment. Perhaps next year.

  4. hmmm, i’ll take the black one!

  5. A good way to take a road trip!

  6. Great fun checking them all out, I’m sure!

  7. I’ve never owned one nor have I ridden in one. A good friend of mine had one years ago and loved it. In Prescott, Arizona they used to have Porsche races every year up and down the mountains. Not sure if they still do that or not. Which of these belongs to you?

  8. The red one please. I like them a bit older. 😀

  9. Which one is yours?
    Take us for a ride!

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