Posted by: Geoff | May 15, 2014

Looking out from the Groes Inn


The Groes Inn, at Tyn yr Groes, is about 7 miles from Llandudno and is the first licensed House in Wales. It was established in 1573.

Food, drink and accommodation is available; more information can be found on their website.




  1. Looks like a classy place. Would be a nice little run out for a spot of lunch.. yum yum!! 🙂

  2. holy moly, 1573!

  3. It looks very welcoming.

  4. I love the peek out the window from inside.

  5. How very nice. I’ll bet the place just reeks of atmosphere. If the food and the accommodations are good, it probably does a lot of business. Love the photo!

  6. How old is that! It looks nicely positioned and appointed too!

  7. Hard to believe it could be so old!

  8. Lamps and window panes are always photogenic. Hope you enjoyed your meal (or was it a crafty pint!)

  9. Looks really nice and they do have the AA Gold Star…

  10. 1573? Wow, that’s so ancient. 😉

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