Posted by: Geoff | May 8, 2014



This was the scene on a windswept and virtually deserted Llandudno Pier yesterday afternoon, visual evidence of why we tend not to open our shop during the week!



  1. Lets hope the weather changes for the better pretty soon. The pier looks very long in this picture, I’m glad there are benches there for the likes of me. :-).

  2. Im sure things will pick up geoff!!. be better when the boats start comin in.and more passin people will notice your little shop..keep smiling 🙂

  3. It may not be good weather for bringing in the tourists, but there is a certain dramatic beauty in those skies!

  4. looks like a chilly afternoon!

  5. Ah, it does look a tad lonely.

  6. Your caption says it all. Like Halcyon I’m drawn to the beauty of empty places.

  7. Ominous but beautiful…

  8. It is still a beautiful sight, all windblown and stormy. But, it wouldn’t make sense to sit out there day after day with few customers.

  9. Oh yes, I can see. Not a lot of foot traffic.

  10. It’s a very atmospheric picture. Hopefully the weather will change soon!

  11. Brrr!

  12. What a contrast!

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