Posted by: Geoff | May 6, 2014

After the crowds…


This was the scene on the North Shore beach earlier this morning, sunny skies replacing the overcast weather Llandudno experienced over the Bank Holiday weekend.



  1. Can’t wait to walk down the pier. Nice weather there.

  2. now it’s back to work!

  3. He he… It’s the opposite here.
    It rained here this morning 😉

  4. Oh well yes, that’s what usually happens, sunny after the bank holiday weekend…

  5. Beautiful skies but, I’m wondering what “Heavy Plant Crossing” means. Seeing that equipment in the background makes me think it has something to do with that big equipment.

    • I think they are moving rocks and shale from the area beside the pier to free up more sand. Which is a little ironic, given that further along the beach there are tons of rocks being placed onto the beach!

  6. I can remember this type of work bein done last year. And the beach looked great by the time i got down there . Job well done!!! 🙂

  7. We finally have sun and warmer weather here too!

  8. That digger certainly works overtime to keep the beach tidy.

  9. Thank you, Sharon, I have the same question. The first thing that comes to mind is overweight vegetation dragging itself along the beach.

  10. I was in Windsor on Sunday and everyone was excited to see some sun!

  11. This is a great shot. The place does look a bit deserted and one wonders if there was ever anyone there. I love the pier in the background!

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