Posted by: Geoff | May 2, 2014

Setting up for the Extravaganza


Taken yesterday morning, it looks like Professor Voltini is one of the first arrivals for this year’s Victorian Extravaganza, which takes place tomorrow, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

Below is a description of his show, taken from the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza website:

‘Brought to you by the master of lightning ‘Professor Voltini’, it is performed exactly as it would have been in Victorian times. The barker delivers his outside bally, drawing in the crowds towards the tent… “Come inside, Ladies & gentlemen, come inside & see ‘Madame Electra!’, the voluptuous lady of lightning who defies death in the electric chair! See the impossible possible as Electra withstands 27,000 volts seering[sic] through her beautiful body…’
*There may be a small fee to see the sideshow

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Good grief, I think I’ll stick with the swing-boats.

  2. “Shocking” 😦 .. Have a great weekend all !!. 🙂

  3. YIKES! Poor Electra. I hope nothing goes wrong.

  4. Makes one’s hair stand on end. Revolting! Happy holiday.

  5. this seems like a fun festival!

  6. Such fun!

  7. Let the show begin!

  8. Sounds like you are in for a bit of a treat this weekend!

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