Posted by: Geoff | April 3, 2014

Bench with a view


Early morning on the pier, looking across towards the Little Orme.



  1. Beautiful silvery light. That bench is waiting for me.

  2. A nice hazey mornin.looks like a decent day ahead for u all. That poor little seat looks lonely, not for long i should imagine tho .

  3. a nice sitting spot! save it for me!

  4. This photo does say “Good morning!” The bridge must be for people watching ’cause it’s facing the wrong way for looking out over the water. Watching people is always fun, though.

  5. Is there still room on that little seat? Would be nice to meet you all on this fine Spring morning.

  6. London’s still kinda this too.
    It’s been hazy and cloudy for a few days now… 😦

  7. Looks like the sun is trying to burn it’s way through the haze.

  8. What a beautiful railing! Is that some of the dust in the air that has been on our news?

  9. Lovely atmospheric picture. A bit Zen!

  10. Super cute bench! I’m sure the view is amazing.

  11. Oh to sit there for a while (in the hope that no seagull… er… you know… 🙂 )

  12. It must be the wind that makes the water so smooth. This is one of your “perfection” photos.

  13. The bench looks so inviting!

  14. That is a beautiful fence – enriching the view:)

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