Posted by: Geoff | March 31, 2014

British Summer Time officially begins


A hazy Sunday afternoon on the beach, the clocks went forward one hour at 1am yesterday… and British Summer Time officially began.



  1. Just what the doctor ordered!! Todays photo is enuf to make people feel good.and the dogs seem to be enjoying it too!!.

  2. woohoo!!

  3. Anyone for a paddle?

  4. Quite a few people out there enjoying Sunday by the beach.

  5. We did the summer time thing a couple of weeks ago. It’s rather nice to have more light in the evenings. But it’s still dark when I get up to play golf! 🙂 Looks like lots of fun by the seashore!

  6. It’s definitely getting warmer!
    It’s rather “hazy” like this in London too.

  7. Summer time also started this weekend here in Germany. Yay to longer days!!!!

  8. Hurray for summer!

  9. Lovely to see people and dogs enjoying the beach.

  10. At last! Looking forward to the lazy hazy days of summer. Yes,I’m game for a paddle,Christine.

  11. European summer time too! Thankfully we all do on the same day, can you imagine the chaos if we didn’t? 🙂

  12. Hope you have a great summer! It still looks a lot like winter here. 🙂

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