Posted by: Geoff | March 27, 2014


The Great Orme

Here’s a look at the aftermath of last week’s gorse fire, which covered some 600 by 100 square metres of the Great Orme. According to the North Wales Pioneer, it was thought to have been started accidentally.



  1. Glad no one was hurt!! must have been quite a spectical in the night sky. if it was an accident wounder what people would have been around up there in the early hours.. better check the goats for boxes of matches!!!!.

  2. You must have had drier weather than us, good job no one was hurt as Terry says.

  3. oh that’s terrible…where i grew up we had awful wildfires.

  4. Are those solar panels in the middle?!

    • No, they are part of what used to be the Royal Artillery’s Coastal Gunnery School in the Second World War.

  5. Ah, so sad. We have lots of forest fires in central Florida, especially in the summer. Hopefully, because we’ve had a lot of rain this winter, the fires will be less intense. They’re often caused by lightning. Fire is so dangerous! I’m assuming the gorse will all grow back in time.

  6. Wow, fires like this happen here all the time but, I hadn’t thought of them happening there when you are so close to the water.

  7. What a shame. 😦

  8. Sad to see so much of the hillside blackened.Hope the lovely wild flowers soon regenerate.Nature is pretty adaptable.

  9. Hopefully it will look a lot better next year.

  10. That’s rather impressive. I drove parallel to one in Cornwall once, it was rather heartbreaking (and slightly scary).

  11. I hope the wildflowers start up in there again quickly. Scary stuff!

  12. I hope your goats will have enough to eat.

    • Hi Petrea, I saw the goats that normally roam around this particular area yesterday morning. They had just regrouped and moved further along to the right of this particular shot. Plenty of feeding still to be had for them!

  13. That must have been scary to see from a distance, not knowing how far it would spread. It’s hard to imagine Wales being dry enough to have wildfires. And I suppose new nutrients will have been added to the soil, so the next crop of wildflowers ought to be beautiful. I’m glad it was contained and that the wild goats are okay.

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