Posted by: Geoff | March 26, 2014

Early morning walk


Taken earlier this morning on my walk around the Great Orme, it looks like I wasn’t the only person enjoying the sunshine on my way around.

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  1. bet your ready for your brekkie after this jaunt, im out of breath just thinkin about it!!.

  2. looks like a nice, quiet walk!

  3. Lucky you! It’s rather cloudy here in London.

  4. Looks like a perfect day for a long walk.

  5. Ah, yes, I too can see a shadowy figure just hidden from the sun’s bright glow. I would imagine these daily hikes help to keep you trim and slim and quite fit!

  6. Super place for a walk!

  7. Two is a crowd! 🙂 I bet it smelled lovely and fresh and sea breazy!

  8. Ouch, I think that should read breezy…

  9. It looks lovely, if a bit cold?

  10. Your Orme is indeed great.

  11. That’s a lovely walk, we used to enjoy the trek up the zig zag road near by and call in at the Old Rectory Tea Gardens, sadly,no longer open.

  12. The diffused light is gorgeous!

  13. An early start always seems to produce these photographs with a wonderful stillness about them.Remember the Old Rectory Tea Gardens Christine.Always good to stop there after a walk.

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