Posted by: Geoff | March 25, 2014

Distant snow


Looking from above the West Shore yesterday, the distant mountain tops still appear to be quite heavily snow-capped.

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  1. Another lovely scenario! Snow-capped mountains never fail to delight!

  2. Ha, very good Fengshui indeed!
    Behind the mountains, overlooking the sea.

  3. Winter hasn’t left you behind quite yet.

  4. The mountains must be very high to stil have snow on them. Its like looking at the swiss alps..great photo!!

  5. Let’s hope it stays distant! We had two hail storms here today. :S

  6. We are to get snow in the foreground tonight! Lovely pic of it in the distance.

  7. This is a lovely picture – snow and sun.

  8. So beautiful. Now I have almost 20 year old images of Snowdonia popping up in my memory!

  9. Is that Mount Snowdon in the distance? Beautiful photo! So wonderful that you can see the mountains and the sea every day!

  10. You live in such pretty country.

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