Posted by: Geoff | March 20, 2014

Through the round window


A peep through the window of the shelter on the western side of Marine Drive, which is dedicated to the memory of Blair Cow.

The inside of the shelter can be seen here.



  1. A very tragic memorial of a lad dying so young, nice sentiments on the shelter tho.and a lovely view through the round window.”R.I.P” Blair Cow.

  2. i remember when you posted the memorial about blair cow

  3. This is a sad story and on a cold day many walkers must be grateful for this shelter. Still snow on those distant hills!

  4. A peaceful place to rest. A nice memorial.

  5. You can shelter here and still take in the view.

  6. It is nice that you can still the view while being sheltered from stormy weather.
    Nice shot, too, with excellent depth-of-field.

  7. This is a good one.

  8. It makes a nice frame!

  9. Excellent! I feel like I am on a boat (which I would love to be)!

  10. Sigh, love the composition – and agree with ciel! Could be a boat moving away or towards land:)

  11. What a perfect view! I love how you’ve “framed” this one.

  12. Any information about the young man and this tragic accident would be gratefully received.

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