Posted by: Geoff | March 18, 2014

Waiting for low tide


It’s that time of year again, work on the North Shore beach is underway once again.

Here is a shot from March 7th last year, taken at low tide.



  1. getting ready for the tourists!

  2. Spring sand spreading. As a frequent visitor to Llandudno I appreciate all this effort to maintain a lovely beach.

  3. Perhaps he’ll build a giant sand castle.

  4. Are they building a new promenade?

  5. It’s a never-ending job, especially for a tourist area. Big storms and hurricanes wreak havoc on our Florida beaches during the summer and millions of dollars are spent every year replacing sand! But you’ve got to have good beaches if you want to attract the tourists.

  6. Not just spring cleaning but spring fixing!

  7. Im sure itl be a job well done, the beach looked great last year..

  8. Our beaches are still covered in ice!

  9. Getting ready for tourist season, I suppose.

  10. The colours in last year’s shot are so pretty! I sometimes wonder if taking sand from A to B is a good idea. Actually, I think it probably isn’t…

  11. I do still remember the work going underway last year. Hopefully it’ll be a good year full of visitors!

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