Posted by: Geoff | March 16, 2014

Early evening light

Grand-Hotel-Llandudno (Large)

Taken earlier last week, looking down from the Camera Obscura towards the Grand Hotel and the Little Orme.



  1. Well that just woke me up completely! 🙂 It’s so warm!

  2. Reflections in the sea, it’s very calm.

  3. A very regal view!

  4. Such A beautifull view of the day winding down.

  5. This must be or should be a postcard on sale in your shop. It’s a wonderful scenario with lots of interest and I especially like the subtle colors that tinge the edges.

  6. This looks so inviting!

  7. Lovely… Wish I were enjoying a tray laden with afternoon tea in a room with a view there right now!

  8. An unhurried world. Would like to join you Judy!

  9. The trees in the foreground look very bare, but not for much longer!

  10. Ahhhh…that’s the kind of scene I could sit in forever. Just watching the world go by….

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