Posted by: Geoff | March 15, 2014

Daffodil Art Competition

Llandudno Daffodil Art Competition 2014

The grand environs of the Town Hall, where I was asked to help judge the Daffodil Art Competition 2014 yesterday afternoon. Children from Ysgol Bodafon and Ysgol Tudno took part in the competition, which is organised by the Llandudno Daffodil Capital of Wales Campaign.



  1. Ive never seen the inside of the town hall before, very grand, enjoyed the photos of the daffs, they have certainly put a spring in my step!!

  2. Congratulations on your judgeship! Looks like a grand judicial place to do your judging. I’d think that judging daffodils might be decidedly difficult!

  3. Very beautiful town hall indeed!

  4. What a beautiful town hall! I didn’t know until now that Llandudno is the Daffodil Capital of the World!

  5. What a lovely town hall. Judging the competition must have been enjoyable.

  6. Good to have a crafty peep into the Council Chamber. It is very impressive with pleasing proportions. I hope you were treated to tea and biscuits after your judging!

  7. Are your daffodils out? Ours are still on the way!

  8. That’s sweet, and I hope you found a winner in that lovely setting!

  9. I hope we see the winner!

  10. It’s a stately room, emphasizing the importance of the contest.

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