Posted by: Geoff | March 14, 2014

The Brammock Rod System


This system of transferring water over the Great Orme can be found near to the Great Orme Mines. Written below is an excerpt from the information board seen above:

‘The Brammock Rod System is credited to Thomas Jones of Plas Fron Deg, Church Walks, Llandudno. This system enabled water power from the west side of the Great Orme to be transferred up and over the hill to pump water from the mine workings below this site’.


A closer view of the information board; enlarge to read in more detail exactly what the system entailed.



  1. Yet another jewel of information about the great orme..all this going on up there! “fascinating”.

  2. Had no idea about this. It’s very interesting.

  3. this makes me want to get out and take a hike!

  4. Interesting history.

  5. Lots of history up there!

  6. Engineers are so clever.

  7. So many essential systems in life depend on the skill of our engineers. I am a bit biased as my son is a civil engineer!

  8. It’s quite interesting how our ancestors were quite ingenious and could often come up with inventions to reach their goals.

  9. That looks so complicated tonight!

  10. The explanation is given in Welsh first 😉

  11. The things people came up with before modern technology never ceases to amaze, it’s as if we lost vital knowledge when the modern era arrived (who knows anymore how to navigate by stars and wave patterns?) Great Friday find.

  12. How interesting. I’d love to walk this area in person. It looks quite lovely, especially now that spring is here!

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