Posted by: Geoff | March 13, 2014

Foggy Llandudno Pier

Foggy Llandudno Pier

A look down the pier earlier this morning, the end is just about visible through the chilly fog.

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  1. very foggy here too.its as if the pier goes on forever, Hope them figures in the distance arnt ghost pirates.i shouldnt go much closer geoff !!

    • One of them was a none too happy Manchester City fan, who was let down by someone who was supposed to have sorted his flight out to Barcelona for yesterdays game!

  2. That’s eerie. Was that man lost?

    • Hope not Christine, he’s the pier maintenance man 🙂

      • 🙂

  3. Cool shot…I don’t mind fog, it’s the “chilly” part I’d rather do without!

  4. i love foggy photos!! beautiful 🙂

  5. Oh dear, and it was so sunny just a day or two ago. I do love foggy photos though.

  6. It’s rather misty in London too today.
    Kinda hazy.

  7. Pagodas in the mist. I hope you have a heater in yours!

    • Still only open the shop at weekends Barbara!

  8. I hope it warmed up later in the afternoon. The mists are quite beautiful for photographing, though!

  9. Fog always feels so mysterious!

  10. More like autumn than Spring! It turned out nice here eventually, if cold, so I hope it did for you too.

  11. My mind is running astray again. Now I’m imagining a scene from ‘to serve them all my days’ but as I recall it, the day was sunny and it probably wasn’t in Llandudno…

  12. Great shot! Looks like it ought to be the opening shot in a thriller movie!

  13. Oh gosh, it definitely is a still from a movie! Or a book cover. What an amazing capture!

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