Posted by: Geoff | March 12, 2014

Different views


A somewhat different view of the beach on the West Shore…


… pulling back a little, tiny figures can be seen enjoying the sunshine…


… and here is a more familiar view. Pictures all taken from the same spot, high on the Great Orme.



  1. These are almost surreal. At first I thought I was looking out into space. Very artsy and modernistic. They’d look great hanging on a wall!

  2. Wow man!!!!!

  3. Magic! Thought you were up in a glider.

  4. Thought it was another planet for a moment there. Weird but wonderful.

  5. oh these are neat! as a kid i had this thing called a “magic window” filled with sand and water, these remind me of that!

  6. I love these shots and I can see those people out walking on the beach. I love the way the sun is lighting up the sandy water.

  7. Beautifully sculptured by Nature.

  8. These are magical shots!

  9. Just gorgeous! Everything looks so shimmery.

  10. A spectacular series of pictures!

  11. I would frame the first one!

  12. Those first two are like abstract art! I so agree with ciel’s comment:)

  13. These are fantastic. I agree with Lulu!

  14. Nice abstracts! I thought they were aerial shots from a plane at first!

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