Posted by: Geoff | March 9, 2014

A sad sight

Former Llandudno Pier Pavillion (Large)

The forlorn remains of the Pavilion Theatre, which stood at the front of Llandudno Pier until it burnt down in 1994. This Wikipedia article explains all about the building’s history.



  1. I remember this building being a magnificent compliment to the grand hotel, i visited there with mum and dad to watch the black and white minsteral show (ln the 60s). It was so lovely inside.a very sad loss indeed..nice to see the past pictures of it that you provided geoff.

  2. The really sad thing is that it hasn’t had a new lease of life.

  3. A noble ruin.

  4. Oh there is something especially forlorn about stairs going nowhere, and of such elegant remains. Perhaps someone will rescue it…

  5. Very interesting. I always wondered what that mess was to the right of the Grand Hotel and now I do. It’s a real shame I never visited Llandudno when this building existed.

  6. This is not a Happy Valley story, this is a sad story among piers!

    Seriously, it is unhappy when a gorgeous and historic structure burns down. Fire is so dangerous.

    This remnant makes for an interesting picture, though.

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