Posted by: Geoff | March 5, 2014

A head for heights


Taken yesterday afternoon, the Great Orme goats obviously learn from a very early age not to be afraid of heights.



  1. Cant believe how fearless these goats are. and they must be super fit to climb up and down the steep hills all day. You must have a bit of goats blood in you geoff, the way you get around and about the orme!!!

  2. You are near the edge.AGAIN!

  3. don’t get too close to the edge! i’d be one nervous mama!

  4. That’s a brave little kid!

  5. Makes me dizzy just looking at that.

  6. No one taught me that! Yikes!

  7. I wonder if they ever fall!

  8. I’ve just had a vision of winged goats. I’m tired. 😉

  9. Lucky for them! I wouldn’t feel comfortable there. 🙂

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