Posted by: Geoff | February 28, 2014

High above the water


These two goats seem to have found themselves a very scenic spot to sit and relax.

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  1. ” i thought you said he couldnt find us here”

  2. It’s that man AGAIN! Lovely shot.Is that the Penmaenbach Tunnel across the water?
    Llandudno prom and town looked magnificent in last night’s Hotel Inspector.Spotted your pictures in the new look restaurant. Hope it is a success for them.

  3. Those goats are smart to be up high for such lovely views of the area.

  4. This is such a beautiful composition!

  5. this is a great shot, i love it! the colors are super! and of course there’s those cute goats!

  6. What a great picture. Can’t imagine any critter sitting “relaxed” up there. One backward look and it would fall right into the water. Unless, of course, you’re a goat!

  7. Lovely creatures, peaceful scene.

  8. These goats are crazy to be hanging about on those cliffs!

  9. But they are looking the other way again! 🙂

    Yes, not only did the Beetle take a wrong turn, what I didn’t say in today’s post is that it also swims… 😉

  10. Spectacular picture!

  11. Some days, I just want to plop down like that on the ground. Though it’s much more picturesque and sweet when goats do it!:)

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