Posted by: Geoff | February 21, 2014

North Shore to West Shore


A glimpse at both of Llandudno’s shores, North to the left and West to the right.



  1. Lovely sky, but threatening rain perhaps.

  2. Looks much sunnier on the north shore!! its such a narrow expance between the shores.a smashing panaramic photo..

  3. Another band of heavy rain?!
    Oh no 😦

  4. A beautiful expansive view! I love the sky in this shot.

  5. That view and seeing the swirl of clouds hovering close…stunning! You must experience some of the best strolls around:)

  6. Thank you for this. I had no idea that this is how the area is laid out. Rather spectacular!

  7. good viewpoint on the Orme

  8. I need to go look at a map to figure this out. I didn’t know you were situated like that.

  9. It does look narrow between the two shores. Have the seas ever met at times of very high tides?

    • Not to my knowledge, thankfully!

  10. Two shores, on sunny, one cloudy!

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