Posted by: Geoff | February 16, 2014

Sunny Sunday

View to the West Shore

Sunshine has appeared again! My wife took this picture during a walk this morning over the Great Orme. You can see across the Orme and the cable car track to the West Shore and the snowy mountains beyond.



  1. You’ve got a beautiful day there, lovely view.

  2. Nice 1 geoff. Looks like them little houses are still in tact after the winds, hope your shop was ok.

  3. These little cottages look high and dry and well tucked in.May your day go well.

  4. Wow, is that a cable or chairlift? 😉

    • It’s a cable car, although they won’t actually start running until later next month!

  5. This is a really good, complicated picture.

  6. It was sunny here too today! This is such a delightful view!

  7. The sun is out here too but it is -10˚C so a bit cool in the shade. Nice view from that location.

  8. You folks get a lot of good exercise walking around the Great Orme! It’s a lovely scene your wife captured. Sunshine is so welcome after a few days of cool, cloudy weather.

  9. I like the view especially with the sunshine.

  10. Love those homes against that backdrop – what a view! (And lucky to get sun!)

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