Posted by: Geoff | February 12, 2014

Out at sea


Today is a day to batten down the hatches, so here is a photo from last Sunday.

What appears to be a floating construction rig, seen off shore from the Great Orme.



  1. Wouldnt like to be on that rig today!! Be safe.

  2. I’m hope you’re in a warm, dry place.

  3. There’s an oil rig hotel in Malaysia!
    Did you know that? 😉

  4. Rather them than me, not a nice job in this terrible weather.

  5. Looking potential wild out there even in this shot! Stay dry and safe, it’s unbelievable the winter most people are having!

  6. That is an unusual looking boat or rig.

  7. Would like to explore one of these platforms but not today. Those workers certainly earn their money.

  8. I hope you are safe and dry. We are hearing about the awful weather over there.

  9. Looks like that was a calm day. Hope you are not flooded or windy (either kind of wind!).

  10. Is that constructing an oil rig? I would not want to work out there under any conditions! Beautiful photo, though. Great light and color!

  11. I’m beginning to seriously wonder if these storms will ever end… Even on Sunday it seems to have been a bit of a choppy sea.

  12. A picture of relative calm. The wind’s howling round the house at the moment and the lights keep flickering, but at least we’re not flooded.

  13. hope it arrives safely wherever it is going to

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