Posted by: Geoff | February 11, 2014

Travelodge Llandudno


Earlier this morning; work continues on transforming the former Clarence Hotel into a Travelodge.




  1. Looks like a giant pressy ready to be unwrapped! Llandudno was on itv last night with griff fhys jones, it showed a glimps inside of that lighthouse bed and breakfast hotel that was featured on this site the other day. A very nice place indeed.

  2. Was wondering how far they’d got with the new Travelodge. I watched that on tv last night too Terry – nice place.

  3. Also saw the Llandudno programme. The town looked beautiful in the sun.Glad they are improving this old hotel but where is everyone going to park?

  4. I’m wondering what the difference is between a hotel and a travelodge. I’m guessing one is simply newer but there may be something more than that. Is there going to be underground parking?

  5. Another branch from them?!
    They’re everywhere!

  6. Do you think this is a good thing? Or maybe they should have renovated the old hotel? I dunno. Travelodges have never impressed me much. Maybe this will be different.

  7. Hopefully it’ll turn out nicely! Although it is a little too bad to lose an old hotel. It’ll be fun to see this when done in future:)

  8. Not sure about it but most travelodges seem to go for passing business trade rather than family holiday trade.

  9. Don’t know what the Clarence Hotel looked like, but if it was individual it’s a pity it’s been replaced by yet another Travelodge.

  10. Hopefully it will be an attractive Travelodge!

  11. Good grief, I hope it isn’t like the Travelodge where I once had to stay a few nights in the USA. It was horrid.

  12. It must be a popular tourist spot, if they’re doing so much work there!

  13. Anybody know which shops will open at the bottom of the Travel Lodge? It says *Retail Units*.

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