Posted by: Geoff | February 9, 2014

Into the mist


One from the archives; this picture was taken in April last year, near to the 679ft summit of the Great Orme.

A cable car is just visible, on the left, making its way back down towards the Happy Valley.



  1. Now that’s what I call fog! We may be playing golf in the fog this morning which is OK but hard to see where your ball goes! 🙂

  2. Does anyone remember the Trollenberg Terror?

    • It was before my time Christine!

      • oap here 🙂

  3. Very pea soupy! Didnt think the cable cars would have run on days like this. I can vaguely remember the trollenberg terror christine, about a murderous crawling eye. Very scarey film/show in those days. I was only a rugrat at the time.

  4. Oh gosh, I had to enlarge it to really see the cable car!

  5. Cool! There’s a beautiful place in London called Happy Valley too! 🙂

  6. It was a foggy morning.

  7. Otherworldly.

  8. Mysterious!

  9. Spooky!

  10. So thick you could cut it with a knife! We haven’t had anything so pea soup in a while, I love the eerie atmosphere (and also had to squint to make out cable car:)

  11. Lovely! I love walking in that kind of fog because it always seems like I just might wander into Narnia or Neverland or Middle Earth or…

  12. Eerie

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