Posted by: Geoff | February 6, 2014

Great Orme Lighthouse


A view of the Lighthouse B&B on the Great Orme, taken earlier this morning.

Here is a more distant view taken back in August 2011.



  1. now that’s a fancy lighthouse! so different than ours over here!

  2. Nice place to stay I would imagine with those views. Your day started better than ours, looking at the blue sky& sea.

  3. Did they convert this old lighthouse into a B&B?

  4. This is a superb composition; one of those photos that just makes one feel good. Lovely colors, too. I’d stay at that B&B in a minute!

  5. That B & B looks a bit like a castle!

  6. Very cosey!!, a nice stop over before trecking on to find out more wonders of the orme..

  7. Gosh, I’d love to stay there! What a fairytale image. (Also, the longer view is gorgeous!(

  8. Staying in a castle-type place and wonderful views!

  9. Such a pretty view! And I love all the green!

  10. It looks like you are having a nice day!

  11. Rooms with views!

  12. Very fancy!

  13. My husband and I stayed there on our wedding night in 1987, I think we had been the first to stay there when it became a B and B, a great family feeling and great views as has been said.

  14. You mean the castle?!

  15. If I ever get to Llandudno, that’ll be my address.

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