Posted by: Geoff | February 5, 2014

Great Orme information


Information about the Great Orme can be found on this board at the foot of the Monk’s Path, on the West Shore side of the Orme.

Another identical board is situated at the start of Marine Drive on the North Shore.



  1. Have trodden that path many a time (in my younger days)

    • It was a very damp path today, Christine!

  2. lots of great trails…how do you pronounce “llandudno”…i’m sure i’ve been saying it wrong!

    • ‘The “Ll” sound is made by placing the tongue in the position for saying “L” and then blowing through it. Once you have mastered that, the pronunciation is “LLan (as described) –did- no. The stress is on the middle syllable’

      That’s a description that someone wrote in reply to a foreign tourist asking how to say ‘Llandudno’. Good luck!

  3. Be interesting to know if a copy of this information map could be purchased.theres so much to find out about the great orme,the previous daily walk trip around the orme (while geoff was on holiday) was very enlightening..

    • There is another map available Terry, called ‘Secrets of the Great Orme’. Well worth a look the next time you’re here, I got a copy from the newsagents at the top of Mostyn Street, opposite the Empire Hotel.

  4. Signs like that are so great when you are at a trail head. You can decide what direction to take and what to look for along the way.

  5. Can’t wait to see your holiday photos!

  6. Thanks geoff.

  7. I always enjoy these maps – very informative. Seems you’ve trod a lot, if not all, if this already:)

  8. Signs like these are wonderful for giving hikers a sense of the path they are on.

  9. Lots to see on a hike!

  10. I like signs like this. It’s always good to get more information about where you are!

  11. So do you often have Norse ships coming nowadays? 🙂

    There’s one like this in Versailles and I wanted to photograph it but some idiot spray painted it. It isn’t even a worthwhile graffiti, just black… I love these signs.

    Check out VDP’s extra post today!

  12. I always appreciate having some info available at a place of historic or current interest.

  13. Always hungry for information.Secrets of the Great Orme is a fascinating little map.

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