Posted by: Geoff | January 29, 2014

Low tide


Looking back towards the promenade, from beyond the end of the jetty, at low tide yesterday afternoon.

Here is a picture taken from the same jetty on April 1st last year.


  1. Love them beautiful buildings,dont like that cloud tho!!!. No signs of any sharks today then!!!!!!

  2. I find tide patterns to be so interesting. That’s probably because I’ve never lived near the sea. Loved the shark story!

  3. i love wandering around during low tide, see what kind of goodies i can find!

  4. There won’t be any sharks swimming in this low tide pool! We have lots of sharks swimming just off shore along our Atlantic coast…you can see them clearly. That’s when you do not want to go into the water. Sharks, for some reason, do not make good pets.

  5. Like Tanya I enjoy beachcombing. Love the blue reflection of the sky in the sea pool.Jaws has just nipped off for an ice-cream!

  6. That is a very low tide!

  7. There’s another Nelson’s Column in Llandudno?!

  8. The sky was perfect for the reflection!

  9. Love the bits of blue peeking through the grey clouds. 🙂

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