Posted by: Geoff | January 26, 2014

A pool of light


Early evening on the promenade, lamplight adds a golden splash to the foreground.


  1. My favorite time of day and place to sit,(in the summer) as the prom comes to life as it lights up in the evening..a smashing photo geoff.

  2. Wonderful. This is a photog’s time of day and you took full advantage of it here!

  3. Bathed in copper-gold. This sturdy lamp always gives a good performance and its companions look like a string of pearls around the bay.

  4. nice glow!

  5. Lovely contrast between the warm light and the cold sea.

  6. Gorgeous shot! Perfect lighting and color.

  7. It ads some warmth to what looks like a chilly evening.

  8. It really is beautifully golden!

  9. Such a romantic pic!

  10. That’s a very warm glow. Now I’m expecting a Victorian couple to leisurely stroll by…

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