Posted by: Geoff | January 22, 2014

Up the track


Looking up the track of the Great Orme Tramway from Victoria Station.

Here is a view from the opposite direction, taken last May.



  1. Im out of breath just looking at this photo!! Think i will wait for the trams to re open before i attempt to go up this route.

  2. Were you looking back from whence you’d come? The train doesn’t need an engine to roll down that hill, does it? I hope the brakes are checked regularly.

  3. Nicely composed … leads the eye right up the mountain. I’d take that tram any day!

  4. It won’t be long now till it’s open again.

  5. What is it about tramway tracks, very nostalgic and lovely. It looks quite the climb though, you must be the fittest photo-walker in town!:)

  6. Trams are only good when you live in a place with not much traffic. Or if they have their own lanes, like I guess they do here!

  7. Not been on a tram yet, but will put it on my to-do list for next time!

  8. Like londonlulu I too feel nostalgic about tram and rail tracks. I’ve had some happy rides here.

  9. i love track photos! look out!

  10. So can you walk up or down on the sides as a pedestrian?

    • Yes, there’s enough room to walk alongside the tram as it travels up or down. Just!

  11. Wow that’s so steep!

  12. A good place for a workout!

  13. Is there still a tram? Where does it end up?

    • Hi Petrea, the trams run up to the Great Orme summit and have been doing since 1902!

      • That’s great! I want to do both–walk up and ride up.

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