Posted by: Geoff | January 19, 2014

A Grand view


A view of the Grand Hotel from the bottom of Church Walks, taken just before sunrise last week.



  1. This shot brings back memories of me holiday there last july,as this was the veiw i had every morning from the guest house window, i was very lucky!!

  2. You are a photographer. I can tell because “real” photographers get up before dawn, sleep during the day, and get back out in the evening! The results show – love this wonderful rising sun shot. I can almost smell that fresh, clean air!

  3. I need to try what Lowell says… 😉 Love the blue and how the zebra crossing pops out!

  4. You have captured that ‘before dawn’ moment when everything is fresh,clean and new.Lowell is on the same wavelength!

  5. So quiet!
    So quiet!

  6. very nice!!

  7. I can see that bit of pink in the sky on the horizon.

  8. I love those pastel colours you always seem to capture. A very subdued scene, but beautiful in its own right.

  9. Looks like a promise of a beautiful day.

  10. It looks so still and yet you know it’ll be brimming with energy before long! You’ve caught yet another lovely time of day.

  11. That’s a beautiful photo. A promising new day.

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