Posted by: Geoff | January 18, 2014

Prom view


Looking down onto the promenade from Ty Gwyn Road.



  1. I love the rooftop shots like this one,it shows beauty of the bay, as it sits snuggly beneath the hills.

  2. That’s quite a parade of homes lining the shore. I’d guess those places are not cheap! Another beautiful photograph!

  3. I really like this photo with the chimneys in the foreground.

  4. That’s a very long promenade.

  5. nice rooftop views, i like those chimneys!

  6. I love this view!

  7. Soft light and calm seas. I would really enjoy a walk along the prom.Roll on holidays!

  8. Could be Spring!

  9. Crikey, what a view again. I wouldn’t mind staying perched on a chimney!

  10. Must be a steep road to give this perspective! I like the shot too!

  11. Doesn’t look too bad here – just heard the Esplanade Hotel is being turned into an accessible hotel so we might get there sometime later on.

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