Posted by: Geoff | January 16, 2014

First light


Llandudno Pier and the Little Orme, seen from Marine Drive earlier this morning.



  1. I wish i could wake up in the mornings and experience such a beautiful scene.the silouette of the bay and the pier, and what a sky!!! Awsome!

  2. The sea is so calm.

  3. Worth getting up early for! You catch the most glorious light and views in these photo-walks:)

  4. Looks like a beautiful sunrise.

  5. Exquisite sky!

  6. beautiful! looks like a great day lies ahead!

  7. Lovely scene….there is a Marine Drive in Portland too…will have to take some pics of the Columbia River from there.

  8. It could be summer!

  9. And in the east the dawn was breaking
    And the world was waking……
    Any dream will do.

  10. It looks so tranquil.

  11. ‘Tis a tiny pier! 😉

  12. Oh yes! Frame it and hang it! I’ll bet this will be a best-seller. Do you think I like it? Superb photograph!

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