Posted by: Geoff | January 14, 2014

Monday morning


Yesterday morning on the promenade. It may have been Monday morning, but at least they have a nice view to enjoy.


  1. Looks grey and bleak! I shouldnt think the monday morning blues last too long when your in llandudno.

  2. Simple yet powerful composition.

  3. I guess they do not wish to speak to each other. ;))

  4. Bookends-on-Sea.

    • Love that Barbara x

      • Thanks. I think this is one of Geoff’s best shots.

      • Look closely Barbara and you can see a couple of our feathered friends enjoying the view too.

  5. That is an amazing view and you composed it beautifully! There are worse ways to start a Monday:)

  6. Fantastic photo! Barbara got it right – the people look like bookends.

  7. Love the symmetry!

  8. Did they switch after a while? 🙂

  9. Love this shot, Geoff!

  10. Glorious symmetry! This is definitely worthy of a frame.

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