Posted by: Geoff | January 10, 2014

Happy Valley view

Happy Valley Llandudno

A view of Llandudno Pier and the Little Orme, taken from the Happy Valley.



  1. Beautiful

  2. If it weren’t for those bare branches, it would almost look like spring.

  3. I love that bit of sunshine!

  4. it’s so green! there’s hope for spring!

  5. Happy valley, happy days!!.ive often Wondered what the circle of stones signify?.maybe a landing site for extra terrestrials who visit the resort..the truth is out there!!

    • Apparently they were installed for the National Eisteddfod, which last took place in Llandudno in 1963.

  6. That is one of my favorite views – no wonder it’s called Happy Valley! Gorgeous and lush.

  7. What’s in a name. You’ve cheered me up no end on this dark,rainy Lakeland day!

  8. It looks like a Happy scene. 😉

  9. Thanks geoff.

  10. There’s a Happy Valley in London too 🙂

  11. I was going to ask about the stones but don’t need to anymore. If there were a few soft green leaves, this would be spring! It’s a delightful view!

  12. A wonderfully calming, serene shot. This would be a great place to unwind after a hectic day. Beautiful photograph!

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