Posted by: Geoff | January 6, 2014

Brolly on the beach

Llandudno Pier and beach

Taken yesterday on a soggy Sunday afternoon.

The rain didn’t deter this particular visitor from enjoying the beach.


  1. Nothing daunted!

  2. Lets hope he or she is saying a prayer for this bad weather to stop.

    • Her prayers failed Terry, today is horrendous!

  3. Sorry to hear that geoff, hang on in there mate!!

  4. Must be a lot warmer there than it is here. ;))

  5. looks very cold…i think i’d rather be indoors! hope your weather improves!

  6. That is a very determined beach lover.

  7. You’ve got to be a wee bit off your trolley to go to the beach on a day like that! But, to each his or her own! 🙂

  8. What a great image! Now there is a person who truly loves the seaside no matter what! I hope you won’t get those huge waves they’re getting on the west coast of Wales (or if you are, that you are staying safe indoors and taking pictures of your cat or dog or something!) Our temperatures are dropping rapidly, and we have windchills now of -30 to – 40 F (-34 to -40 C). No school today — frostbite will occur in 10 minutes or less of exposure to these temperatures.

    • Brrrrr, stay in front of your fire!

  9. A rather glum sight, Geoff! Hope your weather doesn’t get too bad today – we are heading back into a real deep freeze again tonight.

    • The wind and rain has died down now, sunny and clear tomorrow. Apparently. Keep warm!

  10. Another dark grey day here in London 😦

  11. That’s a fantastic shot. Very atmospheric!

  12. It’s nice to stroll along the beach in the rain

  13. Deja vu today? 😉

  14. A brave soul!

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