Posted by: Geoff | January 5, 2014

Swan lake

West Shore Llandudno

Taken last Thursday: looking across the boating lake on the West Shore, which seems to be a very popular place for swans and seagulls to congregate.



  1. Oooh lovely! Thursday was a beautiful day in Brittany too!

  2. Very nice! A little different than the way you usually picture your area and I like it. The light is terrific! Must have been a nice day.

  3. Clear,crisp and cold.Love that blue and the two lamp posts. Not the day for a tutu though!

  4. The swans appear to be enjoying the weather and view.

  5. A nice cheerfull photo, a look of days to come in 2014 hopefully..there were some canadian geese too last time i was down the west shore.

  6. Love this simple composition.

  7. That was certainly a sunny day. Those swans look so pretty!

  8. great title and photo!

  9. Which one’s going to get the seat?

  10. Now that looks like a lovely day!

  11. The weather looks nice and clear. I think they’re just enjoying the view!

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