Posted by: Geoff | December 23, 2013

Hooson’s Corner roundabout

Hooson's Corner Llandudno

A view looking towards Gloddaeth Street past Hooson’s Corner.

Here is a view of the same roundabout, taken last August.



  1. It looks almost tropical to my eyes. I guess it’s those trees!

  2. I like this roundabout its like a tropical oasis!!!

  3. I love those palm trees!

  4. How summery – two of my neighbours have just set off in the gales for Llandudno – I hope they arrive OK

    • There is lots of bracing sea air waiting for their arrival, Gerald!

  5. It is a good job they set of before lunch – where their car was parked is now flooded!

  6. Palm trees! Such a tropical place!

  7. Looks as if we will have pansies in the spring. Always a beautiful roundabout and the clock tells us when it is coffee time!

  8. Lovely blue sky and palm trees – something to look forward to after Christmas!

  9. There is quite a difference between August and December. It looks windy, did you have the gale force winds that are battering Brittany and Normandy too?

    • It was certainly gusty this morning, but it’s calmed down a little now. However, gales are forecast again for tomorrow!

  10. You know what I have not done “sightseeing” in Wales…
    Apart from Cardiff~ Ha ha I know!
    All the lovely places are in North Wales, right 😉

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